Wednesday, April 1, 2020

Multiplayer polish

New Character & Map!

Lots of new features but I spent an equal amount of time polishing the game.
Pre-alpha 16.F is now released, and it features a lot of changes;

  • Bullet spread added to the Machine gun & Pistol
  • Kill-streaks now have a 15 second window
  • Chat window bugs fixed
  • Bullet Hit sounds now play properly on all clients
  • Latency issues improved
  • Fire rate on all weapons adjusted
  • New Cross-hair 'reload time' animation
  • New Character, Friday the bunny.
  • New weapon 'Bolas' Toxic & Healing (Exclusive to Friday)
  • Player names now properly disappear on opposite teams, but remain visible if you are on the same team. (FFA Names still disappear as intended)
  • New floating damage numbers added
  • And a boat load of adjustments I cant list here!

    Go give it a download! Play with some friends :)

Sunday, January 26, 2020

Online Multiplayer

Team Deathmatch

In this update I was able to smooth out a lot of the networking for the game. Player movement feels good for clients, and it's a lot more game-like now.

change log:
  • Team Deathmatch Mode
    • Team select UI
    • No Friendly Fire
  • Damage adjustments
  • Character Select Screen
  • Killing spree messages
  • New Test map 
  • Graphics options
    • Texture, Shadow, Anti-Aliasing, & Effect quality settings
    • Resolution scaling

Tuesday, January 14, 2020

New enemy model!

Snek update

In this update i'm working on integrating the new enemy model, code named "Snek"

Being able to reuse animations saves budget, utilizing Unreal4's animation re-targeting system has been a blessing & a curse. :P

The "snek" is a bigger character, so I tried to keep as many of the animations as faithful as possible while keeping his general silhouette close to his body. A lot of these characters have to share devices & doors that otherwise wouldn't make sense.

You can see the size difference isn't huge, but the "snek" is a lot longer and less vertical than Camille.

As I get closer to having him completed, i'll include some nice renders & animations! I'm hoping to have him incorporated into the next Multiplayer test so we can have some fun with his tail physics.

EDIT: Wanted to add some beauty shots :)

Wednesday, January 8, 2020

Networking! Online Multiplayer!

Networking! Online Multiplayer!

I shifted focus to getting Online multiplayer to work inside Fadeout. Using Unreal Engine 4 it wasn't too difficult, but going from essentially 0 knowledge on how networking in games works to what i have now was not easy.

It took me the last 8 days, about 10 hours a day to really hammer it in. And I'm happy with the results. I have all movement, inventory systems, and weapons synced properly over the net. Trimming some fat by playing effects client side, and only syncing projectiles & damage makes it somewhat light-weight.

I tested it with 4 people online, and 2 people locally. We had a blast shooting & exploding each other.
My next blog post will include some video of that, but I need to iron out some of the bugs first :)

I also added the ability to name yourself, and choose a color for your helmet. Which is sent to the server when you connect.

Sunday, December 29, 2019

Grappler update

Development update

In this update I was focused on fixing as many bugs as possible.
To name a few I managed to wrangle;
  • pistol exceeding max ammo bug
  • shoot animation now plays as a montage on its own slot, BEFORE the aim offset
  • dropped TNT couldn't be picked up again Bug
  • fixed the inability to switch weapons after 'commander mode' (video below)
In addition to those bugs, I managed to re-write the grappler scripts to allow grappling to moving targets and to 'hang' on current targets. *(videos below)