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Tuesday, October 22, 2019

Torches! And project news..

Development on Pause

Development of the game has been put on pause while I pursue other projects. (Temporarily!!)
It's very difficult working on this alone, and I need some time to restructure! But rest assured I will return in the coming months. This blog post is actually a couple weeks late, as I actually stopped around October 3rd.

I will leave you with the last thing I was working on, which was a set of light-able torches. They light up when you have a lantern near them. (Provided you have fuel)

Sunday, September 29, 2019

DEV UPDATE - slow, but steady

Development update

In this update I've been working on Alpha 7 feedback from the page. ALL of it was helpful, and i organized it in terms of priority. Been working away at that to-do list.

By popular request, ive added the ability to swap from Left/Right over the shoulder on any weapon. pressing middle mouse button or 'pressing' the right analog stick.

Working on some new puzzle mechanics, stuff you've seen in other games like Zelda. picking up crates and preventing the player from dropping them through walls etc. It's a challenge :P

Sunday, August 25, 2019

Alpha 7- the polish never stops

Alpha 7

Change log
  • Music controller rewritten
  • Death/game over screen
  • Sneak attack double damage
  • pickup animation + animation tweaks
  • Spin jump from bomb-jumping
  • bomb jumping rework
  • Detonator rework
  • Work in progress challenge mode
  • new main menu
  • smaller build size

Sunday, August 18, 2019

Weekend update August 18th

VR Challenges, TNT jumping changes, and a new pickup animation

In this update i was toying around with a new gamemode called "Challenges" Which will allow players to face off against many short courses designed to make the most out of the tools/gadgets in the game. I also did a little bit of polishing up on the explosions & bullet impulses.

New pickup animation

Sunday, August 11, 2019

Save slots & Main menu

Get out your ps2 memory cards

In this update I managed to get some saving & loading working. The video below shows some of it's features. Right now I'm using 4 slots, but I'd imagine a more flexible system like Bethesda RPG games where you can have an infinite amount of saves files.

so whats in right now?
  • Save slots (4)
  • Loading your inventory, health, and last checkpoint
  • Save are stored locally as actual files
  • Saving is done automatically by walking through checkpoints (might change)
  • Your last played save character appears on the main menu (for funzies)
what do i want to add?
  • Infinite save slots (Bethesda RPG style)
  • Saving your options
  • Save slots that store extra data like prisoners rescued, and doors/elevator states
  • Maybe enemy states, definitely "boss" states  when i add them.
  • A screenshot of your last save location to help aid your save slot selection.
  • Naming save slot
  • Deleting save slots
  • Copying save slots and other random saving stuff

Saturday, August 10, 2019

Prisoner rescue mechanic

Rescuing other prisoners

A big part of the game will be rescuing other prisoners and sending them back up to the surface. This is a glimpse on what the mechanic might look like. Ideally there will be elevators or trains that take prisoners away from you so you aren't escorting them too long. It's your job to defend them, and you will be rewarded for how many prisoners you can escort out of the mine.

As far as rewards go, that is mostly undetermined. Maybe something like larger weapon ammo capacity, or max health increases. Something less important to progression, but still impactful.

Monday, August 5, 2019

Artstyle & Dodge rolls

Reworking everything

Toward the beginning of the project, i was pretty new to Blueprint. After using the engine for 8 months, Ive learned some best practices. One of the biggest ones is to treat your Blueprint code like actual code. Breaking down longer Blueprint webs into Functions to easily read them later.

Alpha 0.5 model

Also i learned about the magic of Enumerators. Replaced a bunch of my weapon/inventory 
logic with enumerator comparisons instead of string comparisons.

The biggest and most shiny update to the game is the new character model. With her rework, brings a new level of quality I hope to reach for the rest of the art. She has come a long way since the first model. (above)

Alpha 6 Model

Dodge rolling (in alpha 6) testing

Video showing some directional rolling
I have so many more cool things in mind I cant wait to show you all.