Save slots & Main menu

Get out your ps2 memory cards

In this update I managed to get some saving & loading working. The video below shows some of it's features. Right now I'm using 4 slots, but I'd imagine a more flexible system like Bethesda RPG games where you can have an infinite amount of saves files.

so whats in right now?
  • Save slots (4)
  • Loading your inventory, health, and last checkpoint
  • Save are stored locally as actual files
  • Saving is done automatically by walking through checkpoints (might change)
  • Your last played save character appears on the main menu (for funzies)
what do i want to add?
  • Infinite save slots (Bethesda RPG style)
  • Saving your options
  • Save slots that store extra data like prisoners rescued, and doors/elevator states
  • Maybe enemy states, definitely "boss" states  when i add them.
  • A screenshot of your last save location to help aid your save slot selection.
  • Naming save slot
  • Deleting save slots
  • Copying save slots and other random saving stuff


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