Multiplayer polish

New Character & Map!

Lots of new features but I spent an equal amount of time polishing the game.
Pre-alpha 16.F is now released, and it features a lot of changes;

  • Bullet spread added to the Machine gun & Pistol
  • Kill-streaks now have a 15 second window
  • Chat window bugs fixed
  • Bullet Hit sounds now play properly on all clients
  • Latency issues improved
  • Fire rate on all weapons adjusted
  • New Cross-hair 'reload time' animation
  • New Character, Friday the bunny.
  • New weapon 'Bolas' Toxic & Healing (Exclusive to Friday)
  • Player names now properly disappear on opposite teams, but remain visible if you are on the same team. (FFA Names still disappear as intended)
  • New floating damage numbers added
  • And a boat load of adjustments I cant list here!

    Go give it a download! Play with some friends :)


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