Fadeout in October 2020!~

Fadeout Q4 2020 Status Update

Hey all! I haven't updated this blog in months, as most of my activity is in Discord & on Twitter now days. I Figured I should make some formal post here.

What happened since last time?

A lot changed! The game is a lot more polished now, but is still super rough around the edges in modern game standards. I've been very busy adding the last 3 characters to the game:

  • Bingo, the Stealth
  • Charlie, the Brawler
  • Hemlock, the Hunter

As of writing, all 3 are in-game. But Hemlock lacks his final model. (Pictured above as the blocky wolf lad)

 Besides those 3, I've been trying to improve player experience like adding in-game currency to earn in order to unlock cosmetics. Also trying to make the maps look nicer, currently putting all of my map time into Mechanyon. (Also pictured)


Release date? Exiting early access?

The original plan was to exit early access in December 2020. But, that plan was made when I was freelance and had a lot of time to dedicate to the project. Since February 2020, I've been hired as a full-time artist at a studio. Because of this, I only dedicate a couple hours a week to the game.

That said, I've still made insane progress given the time put into it. And I will only be delaying the early access exit-date by a couple months into 2021. I'm thinking late January or mid February.

By then, all the characters will have all their launch skins, and final models.
And all of the game modes will at least be fully-functional.

If you want to chat about the game, I'm always available in discord! Link is below;

Thanks for reading, and I'm excited for what's to come!

Weston Mitchell
Project Lead & 3D Artist



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