Development will enter Support mode in December 2021

Content Development Ending

Hi all, 

This blog isn't read very much. But its a nice place for me to have bigger announcements.
If you are already in our discord server, you are probably aware of my recent announcement for stopping content development on Fadeout: Underground.

What does this mean for the game?

Put Simply:

  1. No more content updates, only critical bug fixes.
  2. Dedicated servers for the game will remain up for as long as I can afford them, but the game will still be playable without them.
  3. The paid DLC will remain paid, see it as a donation box. And I really do appreciate the people who have purchased it to support the game. It has allowed me to commission some awesome artwork for the game in the past.
  4. The last update will be Mid-December 2021

What does this mean for the Devs going forward?

By the time the final release in December comes, I would have spent over 3 years working on the game. Every day after work, and nearly every weekend I've poured hours of my own time & money into this game. And it's been the most fun and love filled hobby I've ever had.

HOWEVER. I want to move on, I want to make new things, new games. So I do invite you to stick around and see what I will be up to.

What does this mean for the discord server?

Shortly after the 1.0 release in December, I will be transforming the discord into a Studio server that is about my creations. Fadeout: Underground included. So we will still have a place to hang out and chill, and probably play some games of Fadeout from time to time.

Thank you everyone for the love and support. If you have any questions about my decision, I'm available via DM most of the time on discord. Pandan#0001


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