Networking! Online Multiplayer!

Networking! Online Multiplayer!

I shifted focus to getting Online multiplayer to work inside Fadeout. Using Unreal Engine 4 it wasn't too difficult, but going from essentially 0 knowledge on how networking in games works to what i have now was not easy.

It took me the last 8 days, about 10 hours a day to really hammer it in. And I'm happy with the results. I have all movement, inventory systems, and weapons synced properly over the net. Trimming some fat by playing effects client side, and only syncing projectiles & damage makes it somewhat light-weight.

I tested it with 4 people online, and 2 people locally. We had a blast shooting & exploding each other.
My next blog post will include some video of that, but I need to iron out some of the bugs first :)

I also added the ability to name yourself, and choose a color for your helmet. Which is sent to the server when you connect.


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