Tuesday, January 14, 2020

New enemy model!

Snek update

In this update i'm working on integrating the new enemy model, code named "Snek"

Being able to reuse animations saves budget, utilizing Unreal4's animation re-targeting system has been a blessing & a curse. :P

The "snek" is a bigger character, so I tried to keep as many of the animations as faithful as possible while keeping his general silhouette close to his body. A lot of these characters have to share devices & doors that otherwise wouldn't make sense.

You can see the size difference isn't huge, but the "snek" is a lot longer and less vertical than Camille.

As I get closer to having him completed, i'll include some nice renders & animations! I'm hoping to have him incorporated into the next Multiplayer test so we can have some fun with his tail physics.

EDIT: Wanted to add some beauty shots :)

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